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Hoe kan je de voordelen van cloud achter je firewall krijgen: IBM Cloud Private
  • 23 februari
  • Whitepaper
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  • 23 februari
  • Whitepaper
  • Engels

For most, the cloud represents accessing and consuming someone else’s compute resources. Images of a team of minions and automation quickly come to mind. While you no longer control the environment, you can now dynamically provision and access compute resources to build, test and scale all manner of applications and services. But what happens when you can’t give up control for strategic or regulatory reasons?

Many organizations are grappling with the need to work faster, deliver sooner, and scale infinitely but, in many cases, cannot run their applications on the public cloud. Most of the time they are held back by regulatory and legal requirements. Others do not want their strategic assets to leave their organization. Does this mean that organizations with sensitive or strategic applications will lose out on the benefits of a cloud architecture? No. We believe a Private cloud can bring the benefits of a public cloud behind your firewall.

A private cloud is like a fenced-in backyard with a gate to surrounding properties and public spaces. It can give you many of the benefits of a public cloud with the additional control and security of dedicated resources.

Protecting data is critical in highly regulated industries or when building mission-critical applications. In addition, getting to market faster, iterating faster and attracting new customers faster is top of mind to executives at every company. And even though cloud computing is a major force in business innovation, it also brings challenges. Your cloud is only as private as the technology that protects it. It’s only as flexible and scalable as the technology that it’s built on. It’s only as intuitive as the platform provider’s knowledge of your workloads.

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